Monday, February 15, 2010

60 or 90 minutes? Better than a 10-minute Quickie

How long of an appointment do you book? 60 or 90 minutes? 

The ideal length of any massage session depends on what you'd like to achieve with your session.  For a full body massage, it is best to have a complete 60 minute session in order to completely de-stress and relax both mentally and physically . If you have several areas that are knotted and bunched, you may want to go even longer and have a 90 minutes session to give the masseur time to work out all the knots.

A therapist who is doing their job and is dedicated to helping their client will put in the amount of time necessary to work out all of the problem areas and make sure their client is completely satisfied! Usually masseurs charge a small amount more for the extra 90 minutes and it is typically worth the money.  You also make the masseur happy by helping out his income too.

How long of a session do you book? Tell us and why...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

3 Hot Guys in a quirky funny video

I know this isn't so much about massage, and it says "Superbowl 2010" but it's actually really 3 HOT guys doing some funny dancing to a really popular dance song.  

Kind of long video but it's worth it and gets better as you watch it - we just wanted to share it and see what you thought?

How much should you TIP a masseur?

Often, guys ask me "How much should you tip a masseur?"  You should always tip for "great service", at least in a restaurant or coffee house.  But a massage therapist?  Many people believe that a "business owner" should not necessarily receive a tip, but I feel that a massage therapist works hard and if you get an excellent treatment and experience, then I feel that masseurs should get a tip.

For example, if my massage costs $100, I would typically tip $20 extra.  It's just a small thoughtful way to tell the masseur "Thank you for a great experience."

What do you think? How much do you tip, or do you?